Taco Bell offers the following phone number for customer service, contact Taco Bell International..

..Taco Bell customer phone number..

Taco Bell call:


If you would like to speak directly to a customer service representative, contact Taco Bell. Taco Bell customer service phone numbers..

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3 Comments to “TACO BELL”

  1. Sandra says:

    I was in today between 2:10-2:15pm to get a bite to eat. One of the ladies that works there,Dawn, told one of her female co-workers that she just stands around and talks more than she works. This is not my visit to this Taco Bell and I’ve never heard or seen any of that happening. I understand that when you work with people that its ok to let them know they are messing up, but there is a professional way of doing it and a rude way. Dawn was rude about it because she singled out one person instead of everyone around. The young lady that she singled out left in tears. There were more people standing around and talking than that one young lady she singled out. I saw a young lady with red hair that works there on her phone and Dawn didn’t say anything to her. I WILL NOT be visiting Taco Bell 3235 unless something changed. Dawn was very unprofessional!

  2. Philip says:

    Hi I’m Philip riverbank tacobell 95367. I love the people there very nice people. Rocio and every one elese make the best good at riverbank tacobell love ur smiles.

  3. yesenia says:

    Mrs jasmine m. Was really polite and really funny got my attention as soon as i went in there and loved her grate customer service

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