Pacific Gas & Electric Company – PG&E

Pacific Gas & Electric Company Phone Number 1-800-743-5000
PG&E Customer Service Business Customers 1-800-468-4743
Pacific Gas & Electric Company | PGE | Billing 1-800-743-5000

PG&E Emergency Phone Number 1-800-743-5000

Pacific Gas & Electric Company offers the below listed PGE Contact Phone Number, to be able to contact PG&E Customer Service and get information about the PGE Services.

You can contact PG&E at the following PGE Phone Number, and get information, through the PG&E Customer Service about PGE Prices, PGE Service Status and for example the locations of the nearest PGE Office.

Also you can contact Pacific Gas & Electric Company Customer Service at the following PG&E Phone Number, to get information about the PG&E Opening Times of each Office and the PGE Adress.

PG&E Contact Phone Number


To be able to contact Pacific Gas & Electric Company and recieve PGE Information for Business Customers you can contact the following PG&E Information Phone Number:

PG&E Contact Phone Number and PG&E Business Customer Service


For enquiries regarding Pacific Gas & Electric Company Energy supply and PGE Electricity Supply services please call the following PG&E Contact Phone Number and contact PG&E Customer Service

Pacific Gas & Electric Company Complaints about PG&E Billing Service or for any problem you may have with your PG&E Bill. Or to be able to do an PGE Online Payment.


For more information you may need, we recommend to visit the PG&E Website, and find there for example information about the PGE Jobs and PG&E Careers in USA.
Also you will find the PG&E Login,to be able to access PG&E Billing, and do Payments at PGE Online.

Any other Support you may need, you should call the PGE Customer Service at the Pacific Gas & Electric Company Contact Phone Number detailed above.

On the above shown Website, besides the PG&E Login, you will be able to find information about the Pacific Gas & Electric Company Head Office, and the PGE Locations nearest to your place.

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